News… 25th November

A funny way to learn. Games to learn English!!!

The “hats” tell you the level of the game.

Click on the web page logo:

Here is tje list of some of the games:

Fast Hands – Learn English vocabulary items in a fun way

Speed Balls English Game Speed Balls – Practice matching images and pictures with English vocabulary

Grammar Bubblesglish Game Grammar Bubbles – Practice English grammar in a fun way

Falling Clouds English Game Falling Clouds – Fun with English sentence order

Hangman English Game Hangman – A version of the classic game for practicing vocabulary spelling

Spelling Bee English Game Spelling Bee – A game to practice English spelling for vocabulary items

Concentration English Game Concentration – Match English words and pictures

Slow Click English Game Slow Click – A game to practice English

Big Describer English Game Big Describer – Practice English language descriptions for vocabulary items

Desert Drag English Game Desert Drag – A game to practice English vocabulary

Compare English Game Compare – Practice making comparative sentences in English

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