Happy Easter! and Saint George!!!!

Tomorrow we start our last term for this school year. It is not very long but we have to do a lot of things!!!

Such a review:

  • 4th level students: we are going to finish the unit od ACTIVITY CAMP.
  • 5th level: tomorrow we start a new unit! Ocean Animals. A wonderful unit to dsicover the animals under the sea.
  • 6th level: tomorrow we start a new unit –unit 3-  where we are going to check comparative adjectives, we are going to discover the superlatives and we finish with the plurals (Unit 4).
    • We also have:   Competències bàsiques de 6è on 6th and 7th of May. You have some examples of the tests in this blog. It is important to visit it!

And news festivals:


A game! Help Buddy the Easter Bunny protect his chocolate eggs from pesky gophers in Whomp!


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