News… 13th October

Hi everyone!

This week the most of you have an English exam. Have you studied? Remember that in this blog you have a summary of the contents worked in class. The most of them are going to be asked in the exam.


Halloween is coming! The 31st October is quite closed!

Do you know who is Winnie? She is a very famous witch!

Halloween is an ancient pagan festival. People used to believe that it was the night that witches flew and that horrible beasts and monsters walked around. Lanterns would be lit all night to keep evil spirits away. Good spirits were kept happy with food and warmth. Halloween used be to known as the ‘Festival of the Dead’. Christians changed the name to Halloween, meaning ‘All Hallows’ Eve’. It comes just before ‘All Saints’ Day’ (1st November) and ‘All Souls’ Day’ (2nd November). This period marks the beginning of winter.

To discover more of Halloween… visit our pages in this blog!

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