The English Week is coming…

As they did the last year, our secondary students have been designing the poster for our “2nd English Week: Once Upon a Time”.

The work done is spectacular.

During these weeks, we are showing some of the best ones. I hope you like them!

Thank you very much to those who have taken part in this activity: students and teachers!

Posters by:

Anna R (4th ESOB), Ana M. (4t ESO B), Sandra R. (4th ESO B), Nacho Y. (4th ESO B), María A (4th ESO C), Ariadna A (4th ESO C), Eva N. (4th ESO C), Laura G (4th ESO C), Jazmín P (4th ESO D), Ana Ch (4th ESO D), Marina V (4th ESO D), Lídia S (4th ESO D), Alba A (4th ESO A),  Laura Ch (4th ESO A) and Marta P (3rd ESO E)

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