News… 23rd March

Hi everyone,

This week is quite strange, 4th and 6th level are going to do their class projects and we are not going to have normal English classes.

But, if you want to practise and learn… this blog is always READY!!!

  • 4th level students: some news!
    • London project is stopped until after Easter. But you can check what we have been doing these last weeks.  Discovering a city...
    • Unit 3: Activity camp. Study the vocabulary and practise the story with the CD.
  • 5th level students: some news!

Easter. What does it mean?
Easter is a spring festival of new life. As a pagan tradition it is the beginning of growth and new life after the cold, winter months. The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and spring – Eostre. For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and practising Christians attend special church services at Easter time. Easter celebrates life and rebirth, which is why we see lots of symbols of new life and fertility at Easter, like eggs, chicks and rabbits. (By British Council)

To Know more:

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