On Monday we start our 2nd English Week, everything is prepared! Are your ready?

During the next week, we use this blog to inform the activities that we have prepared for each group.

At the same time, in this blog we are going to attach the photos and videos done during these days.

Durant aquesta setmana, utilitzarem el blog per informar-vos de les activitats que tenim preparades per cada grup.

Alhora, en aquest mateix blog anirem penjant les fotos i vídeos que anem fent aquests dies.

For 3rd and 4th EP:

Sin título

For 4th EP: For the exam!

For 5th and 6th level: Remembering the parts of the body! (Click on the pictures)


Today our student Xavi A. is doing the final exam in The Fonix Competition. Good Luck Xavi!

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