2nd English Week – Thursday 23rd April

Today it’s our Patron saint Day!

Saint George, the Patron Saint of Catalonia and England.

The legend:

And a song:

As we have our own Catalan traditions at the school, we just have:

  • 5th B and 6th D –  PE. The goose of the Golden Eggs. – Materials.

  • During the week 4th of ESO is working English festivities, 1st of Batx is recording some storytelling videos for 1st cycle of ESO as listening activities.

  • 2nd ESO has been working Sherlock. Here there are part of his wonderful work!

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Our special present for you! Print and have a nice bookmark. at the end of the post….

But first… a new video 6thD with P3D (Sorry for the quality of the video I’m new recording videos!)


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