News… 7th September

A new school year is coming. Are you ready?

New classmates, new teachers, new…  NEW ADVENTURES TO LIVE AND ENJOY!

And you’re on own,
Y’not alone,
I know i’ll see you again, again.
And if all these things,
Come to an end,

We’ll always have…A Way Back When.

(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
Memories will fade if you wanted me to let you go,
I’ve got you on your way, I’ll be there for you don’t you know.
It’s a promise that I made, never be afraid.
I know we’ll be okay, this luck we have it cannot go.

“Way Back When” was written by Roth, Adam Michael / Eriksson, Fredrik Jonas Daniel / Fritze, Sebastian Alexander Jun.
Soundtracj: Inside Out

Good Luck to my former 6th level students! 1st ESO is not so difficult if you are organised and you study a little every day!

I’ll be there for you if you need my help.

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