News… 14th March

This week 4th and 6th level students are doing theirs interdisciplinary project.

  • 4th level about “The Solar System”
  • 6th level about “Christopher Columbus”

But, during this week we also celebrate Saint Patrick’d Day and on friday afternoon, we start our Easter Holidays. So… this week we have different videos and aspects to introduce in this post.

For each level:

For all of you:

Saint Ptarick’s Day – 17th March

Saint Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday which is celebrated on March 17th in different places around the world to honour the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. In Ireland and in places like Boston or New York, there are huge, city-wide parades for Saint Patrick’s Day. People also prepare special meals such ascorned beef, cabbage or Irish stew.

To know more about this day: Saint Patrick’s Day

Easter Holidays:

For the projects:

4th level: Solar System

6th level:

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