Unit 1 – At flat Number 6

In this unit we study: // En aquest tema estudiem:

  • Days of the week // Dies de la setmana (de forma oral i escrita)
  • The alphabet (spelling activities)  // L’abecedari (sobretot saber deletrellar)
  • Personal questions // Preguntes personals (de forma oral i escrita)
    • What’s your name? I’m…
    • How do you spell?
    • How old are you? I’m…
    • Where do you live? I live in Barcelona
  • Structures with:  // Estructures  amb  (de forma oral i escrita)
    • Is it…? Yes, it is // No, it isn’t
    • I’ve got…
    • There is… / There are
  • Vocabulary of the unit // Vocabulari del tema (de forma oral i escrita)

Vocabulary of the unit:

  • To study the vocabulary (per estudiar):

The alphabet song: Just to remember it well!

Games to practise the alphabet:



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