Unit 1 – Web Quest

In this unit it is important:

  • Study the vocabulary worked in class.
  • The alphabet.
  • The numbers from 0 to 30: orally and in a written form.
  • Tell the time.
  • The poem of Halloween.
  • The use of verb have got in affirmative, negative and interrogative form.



The Alphabet (click on the picture):

    • Click on the picture

Numbers form 0 to 20:

To practise numbers: Click on the picture to play some games

Halloween poem (class version):

A different version:

At the school:

School objects

Click on the image, watch these activities. Listen and repeat the words related to classroom material.

classroom-objects classroom-objects-2

More activities:



Let’s investigate grammar:


      • Telling the time: games
      • More games to practise the time (click on the picture):

Cambridge clock: per aprofitar-lo molt des del principi, tria: “OPEN CLOCK”  i  selecciona en “SHOW PANEL”: activar les 3 icones de “show times in”, “WORDS” en “word times”; “On” en feedback i “ON” en “clock numbers”

Timemonster: no et quedis només amb el que apareix al principi, juga amb la lupa, clicka sobre la fletxa inferior…

Remembering: Starter Unit