Starter Unit – Welcome back to Quest TV!

In this unit we remember some of the contents worked from 1st to 5th level in a very fast way. Contents that you should know perfectly:

  • The alphabet (and spelling)
  • How to write the date in English.
  • Ask and answer some personal questions.
  • Tell the time.
  • And the vocabulary worked in class.


Question words: Study the meaning of the question words, clik on the label:



  • The Alphabet (Click on the picture):

  • f0416-the-alphabet-pronunciation_8038_3_1There are games and songs to practise it in: The alphabet


    , Verb to be and Have got:

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

  • Tell the time:

What's the time

To practise and learn more:

  • Simple present.

Once you have finished to make a review you can practise more with these pages:

RememberWhat time and how often

  • Useful vocabulary to remember or learn (games and activities):
    • Means of transport.


 Routines: (click on the pictures to study the vocabulary)

daily routines routines 2 routines 3