Unit 1 – Focus on Free Time

In this unit is important to work and learn:

  • Vocabulary worked in class: quizlet, book and worksheets.
  • Simple present: when we use this tense and how it works in affirmative,, negative and interrogative.
  • Verbs of preference (like, love and hate) in simple present and with other verbs.
  • Adverbs of frequency: always, normally, often, sometimes and never.
  • Question words.
  • Personal questions.

Vocabulary bank:

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Who is Kieron Williamson? (Class Book page 6)

(Para activar subtítulos… clickar el botón rectangular de la derecha y decir “sí”)

To know more about him and look at his pictures….

Question words.

grammar 6-unit1

Spelling rules for gerunds:

There are a few spelling rules that you need to know in order to form gerunds correctly. The spelling of a gerund depends on the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and consonants (b, c, d, f, etc.) at the end of the verb.

  • If there is more than one consonant, just add ING

think + ing = thinking

  • If there is more than one vowel, just add ING

beat + ing = beating

  • If there is one vowel and one consonant, and the syllable is stressed, double the consonant and add ING

hit + t + ing = hitting

  • If there are one or more consonants and E, remove the E and add ING

take + ing = taking

  • In most other cases, just add ING

study + ing = studying
see + ing = seeing

Activities to practise the spelling of gerunds

Cardinal numbers:

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Oral classes:

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Material to work and study…. Body and descriptions, click on the picture and discover different web pages to listen, read and write the parts of the body with games:

  • Physical descriptions, 2 and 3 (The second and third link are very useful!!! click on the numbers)
  • Webs to practise your knowledge:


Andy Warhol. 1928 – 1987

To discover more about this artist: Here

To discover more of his work: Here10_Andy_Warhol_Campbells_Soup_I_Tomato_1968_300dpi