Unit 2 – Fashion Fix

FashionContents of this unit:

  • Clothes vocabulary
  • Question words
  • Simple Present vs Present Continuous
  • Expressions and Prepositions of time
  • Adverbs of frequency

Clothes vocabulary – Vocabulary bank of the unit:

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Question words

Now practise with some exercises:

Getting Dressed 

Isn’t dressing depressing?

Button the buttons
Snap the snaps
Hook the hooks and
Zip the zippers
Tie the ties and
Strap the straps and
Clasp the clasps and
Slip the slippers

Buckle the buckles and
Knot the knots and
Pin the pins and
Lace the laces

Loop the loops and
Lock the locks and
Belt the belts and
Brace the braces—

What I like the best is my own skin—
That is the dress I’m always in.

Alexander Resnikoff

  • Present continuous

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00-Adverbs of frequency

To practise:



Other vocabulary:

  • POSSESSIVES: (Click on the picture)


To practise the possessives: 1,2,3

To learn more about possession: Possessives – anglomaniacy