Horrific Histories – From 1st to 4th of Secondary Level (ESO)

The Story of Horrific Histories

The story of Horrific Histories begins in a classroom.

Foto: No ens hem oblidat dels mestres de Secundària! També volem convidar-vos  a veure una obra en anglès (100% natiu) per a poder donar a conèixer la nova obra de secundària!!!!!! "HORRIFIC HISTORIES"!!!Dijous, 7 de novembre del 2013a les 7 del vespre al “CAT” de GràciaTravessia de St. Antoni, 6-8 BarcelonaNomés caldria confirmar l’assistència i el nombre d’acompanyants,trucant al 93 321 93 46. Entre totes les escoles participants es sortejarà una obra sense cap tipus de cost pel curs vinent!!!

A professor is teaching a history lesson to his students who all think that history is boring.

Through funny sketches, the students learn about the horrific history of Britain.

The lesson begins when the Romans invaded Britain in 46A.D. bringing many good things such as clean water, medicine and education. However, we learn about their horrific table manners and crazy emperors.

Next came the Saxons in 450A.D. After the Romans left Britain, society collapsed leaving the Saxons with very few resources. Learn exactly how many uses for animal poo they discovered!

When the vicious Vikings arrived from across the North Sea they terrified everyone with their habit of raiding villages and killing everyone.

The Normans came from France and invented the Domes Day book. This required all Britons to register all of their property, in order to be taxed on everything. The people were also forced to speak French which led to some unexpected problems!

When Henry VIII reigned over Britain in the 16th century, he was known for his six wives and love of executing people. Everyone was scared to give him bad news. Discover how his jester did it!

Foto: Horrific Histories!!! Una lliçó còmica d'història britànica per als alumnes de secundària.Henry VIII’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, came to the throne in 1558. She never married or had any children and was known for her vanity. Find out about the strange laws that she passed and what happened if she didn’t like a portrait painted of her!

Oliver Cromwell came into power as the Great Protector of Britain when the monarchy was outlawed. He was a Puritan and prohibited lots of things including Christmas!

Britain was definitely ready for a change when Charles II came to power. Known as the party king, he brought back all the fun things that the Puritans had prohibited and was very popular with the people of Britain.

Next came the Georgian era, so named because of the four kings called George. George I was German and spoke no English. George II was very handsome but a very bad king. George III was mad and George IV was very fat.

The Victorian era began in 1837 when Queen Victoria took the throne. This period was known for its many inventions but also for horrific schools and treatment of children. If you think your teachers are bad now wait until you meet a Victorian teacher!Foto: Horrific Histories es nuestro gran estreno para ESO 2013-14!!!

Discover the terrible conditions that the soldiers in the trenches lived in. Some of the things they ate were truly horrific! Also, meet the greatest escape artist ever in World War II.

Horrific Histories takes you on a fast, fun and truly horrific journey through the most horrible parts of British history.

Source: IPA Productions