Time games

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Time Games - ClockworksHelp Max and Molly to fix the tower clock by answering time questions. Some are quite easy, just matching the o’clock time to a digital clock. Other questions are harder, such as “What time will it be in 11 hours?” There are three different levels. BBC Schools.

Time Games - ClockwiseA time is displayed at the top and you click on the clock face.


  • Level 1: To practise o’clock times.
  • Level 2: To practise 15 minute intervals.
  • Level 3: To practise 5 minute intervals.

Time Games - What Time is it?A simple game from Primary Games with ten time questions to answer. Choose the digital clock which matches the analogue clock time displayed. Includes o’clock and half past times.

Click the hour or minute button to advance the hands until the time on the clock face matches the digital clock time. Then click the check button.Time Games - Time Clock Game




Time Games - Bang on TimeFirst you set the hand speed, from 1 to 15. Then on the next screen you are shown a time in words and you have to hit the button to stop the clock when the hands reach the correct time.