Can – Poder

1. Can: se utiliza para expresar la capacidad o habilidad de hacer una acción.

2. CAN is invariable. Tan sólo hay una única forma para todas las personas.

3. Structure of the sentence: subject + can + main verb  

  • I can play football.
  • You can speak German.
  • He can read a book alone.
  • She can dance ballet very well.
  • We can play the piano.
  • You can learn a lot of English.
  • They can go to the zoo every week.

4. The main verb is always the bare infinitive (infinitive without “to”). We cannot say:  I can to speak English.

5. In negative sentences: The contraction of  CAN NOT is CAN’T.

6. The equivalent for CAN  is  TO BE ABLE TO.

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