Unit 2 – Writing – Clothes Description – A celebrity

Do you know what a celebrity is? Yes, that’s right! A celebrity is a famous or well-known person. For example: Messy as a famous football player, Shakira as a singer, Brat Pitt as an actor…

It’s possible that you are thinking about one celebrity who is special for you by some reason. Maybe it is because you like how this person plays a sport, sings or… just because you like his/her appearance.

We are going to write about the clothes that your celebrity is wearing in a photo:

1- Take the photo and write a short introduction of your celebrity:

  • This is Brad Pitt, a famous actor.
  • This is Brad Pitt, a well-known
    • A singer, a writer, a player, a TV presenter…

2. Think about the clothes that this person is wearing. Write a short list of them in a draft paper.

-> Go in order: from his head to his feet, for example.

3. Think about details of these items of clothes: colours, materials, patterns,… And write them next to the item of clothe in your draft paper.

clothes patterns

4- Use the ideas of your draft paper to follow your description.


 Order of elements: article + adjective + noun of the object.

Don’t use an only sentence to write your description. Try to give details of clothes (colours and materials) and the complements that your celebrity is using.

Some useful sentences to follow the description:

  • In this photo, he is wearing…
  • He is wearing a black cotton jacket on a white purple shirt.
    • He is wearing a black cotton jacket and a white purple shirt.
    • Useful prepositions: in /on / under
  • He is wearing a black cotton jacket on a white purple shirt. He is also wearing a pair of blue purple trousers.
    • He is wearing a black cotton jacket on a white purple shirt and blue purple trousers.
  • …a pair of blue purple trousers with a brown leather belt
  • .… a white cotton T-shirt with a design.
    • … with a design of a bike
    • …with some letters on it.
    • …with a beautiful picture on it.
  • A jacket with buttons /a zip / a hood / a pocket…
  • A pair of shoes with long laces, colourful laces…

5.  Check your writing…. Aspects to consider.

  • In every sentence is there a subject and a verb.?
  • The correct verb tense and verb? 
  • Capiral letter the first letter of each sentence?
  • Every sentence finish with a dot?
  • Check the spelling of the words!


Vocabulary Clothes: